2018-2019 CLA Webinars

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"Getting to Great" Non-Profit Leadership Webinar Series - all run from 11:30 am-1 pm
Presented by Associate Professor Alicia Schatteman, PhD, with joint appointments to the Department of Public Administration and the Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies (bio).
Description: This webinar series is a “check-up” for your nonprofit organization.  You need to know where you are now and where you want to be, to evaluate your efforts against your mission and demonstrate your impact.  Using examples and exercises, you will critically evaluate your organization’s current situation and come up with improvement plans in several key areas: purpose, people, performance, and promotion.

Nov. 19: Part 2 - People: Building a strong team of staff and volunteers
A webinar on the people in your organization and how they support your mission, including staff, volunteers and the Board including roles and responsibilities, ethics and governance.

Nov. 26: Part 3 - Performance:  Measuring your impact for sustainability
A webinar to explore how your organization’s impact includes both financial efficiency and program effectiveness for long-term sustainability.

Dec. 3: Part 4 - Promote:  Effectively telling your story to the world
A workshop that brings the other elements together in a clear communications strategy.  Learn how to tell your “story”, combining human emotion elements with data for an effective engagement strategy.

Dec. 10 (rescheduled from Nov. 12): Part 1 - Purpose:  Living your values, vision and mission
A webinar on values, mission and vision that sets the foundation of your organization including examination of strategic goal alignment.



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