Earn the CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement’

Earn the CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement’

Earning your CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement’ can be fulfilled within 1 to 3 years! And with the addition of new and timely workshop opportunities this year, you will gain valuable guidance and discover innovative new ways to succeed in your role as a civic leader.

To be awarded the CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement,’ you must complete 2 full days of required workshops, and 2 full days of additional workshops of your choice, in any combination. Individuals have up to 3 years to complete the series of workshops from when they begin the series.

In total, 4 full days of workshops are required for a CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement.’

 Required Workshops for the CLA ‘Certificate of Achievement’

  • New Civics and the Impact of Globalization
  • Leadership Lessons: Trying Times Demand Sound Leadership

Earn a CLA ‘Specialized Certificate of Achievement’

– Offered in Community/Economic Development, Governmental and Organizational Governance & Performance, Human Resources, or Nonprofits

Looking to expand your leadership knowledge even more? In addition to the general ‘Certificate of Achievement’, a ‘Specialized Certificate of Achievement’ in four different Specialization Tracks is offered to participants.

Civic Leadership Academy Specialization Track Alignment

  • Community/Economic Development
  • Governmental and Organizational Governance & Performance
  • Human Resources
  • Nonprofits

To be awarded a ‘Specialized Certificate of Achievement’, completion of an additional 2 full days of workshops, or combination thereof, within a Specialization Track of workshops is required. This is in addition to the requirements for the general ‘Certificate of Achievement.’ Individuals have up to 3 years to complete the workshops within a Specialization Track. Workshops cannot be combined for completion of multiple Specialization Tracks. 

In total, 6 full days of workshops are required for a CLA ‘Specialized Certificate of Achievement.’

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