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October 30, 2019 — 9:00 - Noon
Strategic Planning - The Fundamentals
Presented by Greg Kuhn, PhD, Associate Director; Melissa Henriksen, MPP, Assistant Director, Public Management and Training; and Jeanna Ballard, MPA, Senior Research Specialist, Center for Governmental Studies at Northern Illinois University (bios).
Description: This workshop will serve as a “guided tour” of the practical techniques and fundamental components of strategic planning processes. The session will focus on introducing participants to the various elements that comprise a successful and holistic strategic planning process.  Whether you’re in government or any kind of public service organization, strategic plans are one the central techniques for progressive leadership and management.  Topics will include stakeholder input, environmental scanning, SWOT analysis, prioritization, communication and implementation. The workshop leaders will focus on building skills and awareness for participants that have never done, or, already have done-- but want to improve, strategic planning in their organization.


November 13, 2019 — 9:00 – Noon
Workforce Management: The Value of Succession Planning, Transitions, Staff Development and Recruiting Strategies
Presented by Greg Kuhn, PhD, Associate Director of Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University (bio).
Description: You leave a meeting with two key staff on an important project and find out at the end of the discussion that they’re both going to be retiring, next month!  The thought runs through your mind, what will the organization do to replace those skills and knowledge?  Do we have their ‘knowledge base’ downloaded anywhere? Written anywhere?  Shared with others?  Who will replace them?  How long will the recruitment take?  Are their viable candidates within or outside of the organization?  Succession planning is often thought of and discussed at the wrong time; after the resignation or retirement meeting with a valued staff member. As the saying goes, ‘plan ahead’.  What is succession planning?  When should you start?  How do you do it?  Is it worth the effort?  These and other questions will be explored during this session on workforce management and planning.


January 7, 2020 — 9:00 - Noon
Negotiating and Calculating Indirect Rates for Grant Applications
Presented by Anna Mary Walker, MAM, Principal Consultant, AM/PM Solutions & Services (bio).
Description: Most private and corporate foundations prefer to fund programs over general operating expenses. At the same time, nonprofits know that every program will consume a certain amount of general operating costs, including non-program staff time, space, utilities, and accounting.  Setting an effective indirect rate can mean the difference between a program being financially successful and consuming more resources than originally anticipated. This workshop will demystify the process of determining, negotiating, and calculating indirect rates for private foundation and corporation grant applications.  Attendees will learn what items typically qualify as indirect costs, how to negotiate the rate, and what to do if a grant application does not explicitly ask for indirect costs to be included as part of the project budget.

January 21, 2020 — 9:00 - Noon
Effective Presentations and Public Speaking
Presented by Professor Judy Santacaterina, MA, Director, Bachelor of General Studies Baccalaureate Degree Program and Director of Individual Events, NIU Forensics, College of LA&S at Northern Illinois University (bio).
Description: Effective presentation and communication skills are one of the tools that staff members at all levels will find themselves called upon to use. Presenting findings and recommendations in large meetings or pubic settings is a key role senior staff members often find themselves asked to fulfill.  The ability to organize, summarize and convey information comfortably and effectively is a mixture of both preparation and technique. Participants will explore some of the techniques that help lead to effective presentations including how to summarize, prepare, and anticipate questions or discussion items.  Similarly, session attendees will also have the opportunity to both learn and apply some of the approaches covered during the session during interactive practice presentation exercises.

January 28, 2020 — 8:30 – 11:30 a.m.
Hiring and Retaining Great Talent: Navigating the Path to Staffing the Organization
Presented by Greg Kuhn, PhD, Associate Director of Center for Governmental Studies, Northern Illinois University (bio).
Description: So, you have an organization to fill.  A mission to fulfill, things to get done, a difference to make.  But, how will it all get done?  Who will do the work?  Where will they come from?  How to you find them, and then keep them?  This is one of the most critical roles that any organizational leader and HR team must carry out. But, how successful are you when it comes to staffing and keeping staff.  This session will take a strategic look at the recruitment function and the organizational decisions that can impact retention.  With some nuts and bolts tips mixed in, join your colleagues and our experienced team in this exploration of the all-important responsibility of finding, attracting, hiring and retaining talent.  Greg Kuhn, PhD, and Assistant Director at NIU’s Center for Governmental Studies will share his approach to the staffing function from both his graduate school courses in HR coupled with his own experiences in hiring as a local government manager and serving as a professional recruiter for governments and non-for profits during his doctoral studies.


February 6, 2020 — 9:00 - Noon
Internal Controls for Nonprofits
Presented by Timothy J. Gavin, CPA, Auditor and Consultant at Lauterbach & Amen, LLP (bio).
Description: Every organization faces unique challenges when it comes to designing and implementing internal controls. This session will provide an overview of internal control fundamentals, demonstrate ways organizations can make the most out of its staff for protecting assets, preventing fraud, and achieving goals.


May 13, 2020 — 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Executive Director 101 - Nuts & Bolts
Presented by Acting Director for Center for Nonprofit and NGO Studies and Associate Professor Alicia Schatteman, PhD, Northern Illinois University (bio). 
Description: This workshop will cover the basics of running a nonprofit organization from mission to roles of the Executive Director, board, staff and volunteers, to best practices in nonprofit strategic leadership and management.  In this interactive session, the presenter will lead you in an exploration of “best practices” and case studies in the Nonprofit Executive Director’s role and expectations of performance by key stakeholders.  Whether you have been promoted internally to the top staff position or you are switching sectors to manage your first nonprofit, this is the workshop for you.  For practiced professionals this workshop is a great way to refresh and update your skills in compliance with current best practices.


Split-Topic Day – June 30, 2020
9:00 - Noon: Budgeting and Understanding Financial Statements
Presented by Timothy J. Gavin, CPA, Auditor and Consultant at Lauterbach & Amen, LLP and Betsy Hull, CPA, MPA, Finance Director, DeKalb County Community Foundation (bios).
Description: Financial statements can be confusing and hard to read, and yet they provide some of the most valuable information in assessing the financial health of an organization. With so much information that is presented, it can be hard to separate what matters to you from what doesn’t. This session will demonstrate how to interpret the numbers and notes in a standard financial report and show how to best use the information to understand an organization. Whether you’re a manager, board member, or other stakeholder, making sense of a financial report is key in making informed decisions. Non-profit budgeting is essential to the success of an organization.  This session will focus on why, when and how nonprofits should approach the budgeting process and expected outcomes.  We will examine budget documents from sample organizations and practice building and evaluating our own budgets. We encourage attendees to bring their organization’s budget to the session as a frame of reference. 


June 30, 2020, 1:00 – 4:00 p.m.: Grant Compliance - Following Directions
Presented by Bob Marovich, Independent Grant Writer/Consultant (bio).
Description: Compliance isn’t just for Federal grant recipients anymore.  Today, private grant makers are also requiring measurable objectives as part of the grant application process.  While compliance with a foundation or corporation grant agreement may not require the same amount of burden as a Federal grant does, it can mean future years of support if followed through.  This workshop will focus on the fundamental rules of the grant seeking process: following directions, establishing achievable and measurable outcomes, how to meet those outcomes for the benefit of your nonprofit and the funder, and other requirements grantors typically want upon acceptance of their grant.



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