Taking the Next Step: Nonprofits as Developers, Landlords and Business Owners

Downtown Mount Vernon
First United Methodist Church
1133 Main St., Mount Vernon
Wednesday, April 29, 2015

9:30 AM to 4:00 PM

Workshop Resources

Old North St. Louis Revitalization Strategy - Presentation
Old North St, Louis Revitalization Strategy - Video
Tools for Planning, Development and Management
Firefly Grill Presentation
Legal Considerations for Nonprofits Taking on New Roles

Nonprofits are taking a more active role in economic development and downtown revitalization by developing properties, buying buildings, and starting business ventures.  If done successfully, these new projects can jumpstart economic growth and provide a new revenue source for the organization.  However, such a complex undertaking requires careful investigation.

This workshop is your chance to hear the real world  experience of  organizations that have taken the next step.  This information will aid your decision making as your organization plans for the future.  Speakers vary by location-register for one or both workshops!


For additional information contact:
Mim Evans at mevans@niu.edu

Christina Rogers at Christina.Rogers@illinois.gov or 217-558-2880