Comm Data Packages                

Data driven decisions provide an objective basis for policy decision and a means to measure progress. Additionally, prospective businesses, developers and residents ask questions that can be answered with the right data.  CGS staff has access to many data sources, some public and others proprietary or by subscription. 

A data package can be assembled for your unit of government or organization.  Select one or more of the sets below. Each set includes answers to certain types of questions often posed to local staff by elected officials, developers, entrepreneurs, grant making organizations, and potential residents.  If you need a data set not shown here, we can discuss tailoring one for you.


 Data Set 1-Workforce Information

  • Jobs by worker age
  • Jobs by worker education
  • Inflow Outflow Commuting Patterns
  • Job openings by type and employer
  • Major occupations mapped
  • Businesses mapped

  Data Set 2-Customer base

  • Population
  • Age
  • Education
  • HH income
  • Commuting patterns
  • Buying patterns and interests

   Data Set 3-Desirability as a place to live

  • Housing costs
  • Housing cost burden
  • Access to jobs by transit
  • Access to jobs by auto
  • Crime rate
  • Vacancy rate (housing)
  • Commute to jobs
  • Transportation costs
  • Air and water quality
  • Patient satisfaction (hospitals)
  • Availability of culture, arts and open space
  • School report card

Data Set 4-Needs based grants

  • Age of housing stock
  • Unemployment rate
  • Median household income
  • Low income population
  • Food desert status


For additional information about Growing Communities Initiative, please contact:

Mim Evans
Research Associate
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU

Norman Walzer
Senior Research Scholar
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU