Grant-funded Projects                

Bringing multiple communities or organizations together to pursue a common interest can be a cost effective way to fund a project because funders may favor an application that will assist more than one entity. If a local match is required, the cost can be shared; and it can be more efficient to share the cost of research, technical assistance or preparation of materials.

Bring us your idea for a grant funded project and we will help you find partner applicants and assist in completing the grant application. If you already have a partner community or organization, CGS will coordinate the group application. We also can help clarify your idea and suggest ways to tailor it to increase the likelihood of the application being successful. There is no charge for this service if CGS will be involved in completing the project, should the grant be awarded.

Should you wish to pursue a collaborative project that will not be grant funded, CGS can help find partners and design the project at no cost, if we will be involved in completing the work.




For additional information about Growing Communities Initiative, please contact:

Mim Evans
Research Associate
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU

Norman Walzer
Senior Research Scholar
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU