Retail Market Analyses

Consumers have more retail options than ever before, making retail analyses more complicated but also opening up new retail opportunities. CGS will evaluate the existing retail environment in your community and in the greater market area, taking into account sales gained or lost due to commuting workers, visitor generated sales, the impact of online shopping, and other issues important in your market. 

The potential for future retail outlets will be estimated based on projected population and employment, competing retail opportunities, and potential new ways to attract shoppers.  The implications of the current trend toward food and beverage, entertainment, and recreation expenditures in downtowns will be considered.  Conclusions can address the potential of a specific building or site, a downtown or neighborhood commercial area, or an entire community.

The unique aspects of a particular location or community will be considered in developing retail findings.  Rather than utilizing a cookie cutter approach, we will look beyond the standard analyses for perhaps unrealized opportunities based on local artisans, nearby attractions, or other features that make a place special.




For additional information about Growing Communities Initiative, please contact:

Mim Evans
Research Associate
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU

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Senior Research Scholar
Center for Governmental Studies, NIU