April 11 Roundtable Meeting

At the second of three Creative Economy Roundtable meetings, Roundtable Members reviewed creative enterprise data, discussed existing Illinois policies and programs that support a creative economy, and brainstormed new policies and programs to connect the creative economy. Below is the information from the meeting.   


Using industry data from the U.S. Census Bureau's North American Industry Classification System (NAICS), the Center for Governmental Studies collected industry data for creative enterprises in Illinois.  Looking at businesses in ## industry clusters, CGS created maps to show where the businesses were located in the State of Illinois.  Not surprising, the highest concentration of businesses in all industry clusters were located in the Chicago Region.  What the maps do show, however, are small clusters within each industry sector across the state, as well.  Each map highlights an industry cluster and contains the NAICS codes within the industry cluster that identify the specific businesses that are being plotted on the map.  


Existing Policy Areas

CGS conducted research looking at various policy programs across the United States that support creative economy.  Through that research, CGS identified specific policy and program areas as well as strategies taken to support the policies and programs.  A policy and program framework was presented to the Roundtable members as a tool to outline the existing programs in the State of Illinois. The matrix was populated with Illinois programs and Roundtable members were asked to identify additional policies and programs that they were aware of in Illinois. The populated matrix can be downloaded here.  

New Policy Areas

Using the policy and program areas from the framework, Roundtable members were asked to think of new ideas for policies and programs within each area.  ## Sheets of oversized flip-chart paper labled with the policies areas were on the wall in the meeting room.  Roundtable members were asked to write ideas for new policies that related to each policy areas on post-it notes and place them on the corresponding over-sized sheets. Roundtable members were instructed to come up with as many ideas that they could think of that would grow and support a creative economy in Illinois.  After the meeting, CGS transcribed the ideas and sorted them by the strategy focus from the matrix. Click on the images to download the trascriptions for each.

Preserve Cultural Values & Heritage 

Preserve Culture  


that support a creative economy.  


Roundtable Members


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