Kluber Architects + Engineers

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary in 2013, Kluber Architects + Engineers is a full service architectural and engineering firm grown on a foundation of trusted relationships. Serving NE Illinois, Kluber has built an excellent reputation in planning and design services in the government sector by serving as a trusted and knowledgeable advisor and partner for city hall projects, police and fire stations, libraries, schools, park districts, county, state and federal facilities. The Kluber integrated architecture and engineering team inclusionary process excels at public administration projects and delivers results that exceed expectations. The Kluber mission is at the core of each project: 

Kluber is an integrated, values-driven architectural and engineering firm that:

  • Forges trusted relationships with our clients;
  • Produces inspiring outcomes;
  • Exceeds expectations;
  • Practices civic responsibility;
  • Demonstrates leadership within the communities we serve, and;
  • Sustains built-environments for the long term.

A key differentiator is Kluber’s Facilities and Operations Maintenance Plan, or “FOMP,” utilized by a growing number of Illinois municipalities as their performance-based facility maintenance strategy. FOMP is a road map guiding facility caretakers and stakeholders while informing and navigating the future care of their buildings throughout their useful life. Kluber’s philosophy and practice of integrated architecture and design services, master planning and IDIQ’s enables us to better serve our governmental client’s needs.


Contact Information:

Chris Hansen
10 S. Shumway Ave.
Batavia, IL 60510