Technology and Broadband for the 21st Century

Connectivity via a shared high bandwidth infrastructure has become essential for the efficiency of nearly all of today's business, non-profit, government and healthcare initiatives. Broadband development and the success of economic development initiatives are increasingly entwined.

Based at Northern Illinois University, the NIUNet Broadband Solutions team focuses on bringing broadband solutions to businesses, government and other organizations in Illinois and provides access, planning, and implementation of large and small scale broadband connectivity solutions.

   Who are we?

     ♦ Practitioners with extensive experience in all areas of voice, video, and data connectivity.
     ♦ Specialists in planning, implementing, and optimizing connectivity projects for large organizations.
     ♦ Engineers and Technologists with a track record of successful implementation of public-sector  
        connectivity solutions.

   When should you contact us?
     ♦ When you need to move voice and/or video and/or data rapidly between two or more points.
     ♦ When you need to know what might be possible with existing and future connectivity.
     ♦ When you need an idea of the cost and effort necessary for a project involving connectivity.
     ♦ When you need an unbiased advisor to review a plan involving connectivity.