Civic Leadership Academy Offers Experiential Learning

Civic leadership is critical to our communities, governments and not-for-profits as the 21st Century continues to unfold. Leading in today's ever-changing environment is complex and requires individuals to identify, analyze, collaborate, and solve pressing societal issues through the efforts of broadly engaged public organizations.

NIU's Civic Leadership Academy (CLA) recognizes this and continues to adapt its programing to cross the boundaries of public, private and nonprofit sectors. CLA workshops allow for in-person interactions with fellow participants and instructors using experiential learning techniques. The training program offers a series of workshops across an array of topics central to being an effective leader in the 21st Century.

Participants who successfully complete the two core workshops ("Leadership Lessons: Trying Times Demand Sound Leadershp" and "New Civics and the Impact of Globalization"), plus the equivalent of two full-day workshops, are eligible to earn a Certificate of Achievement. To earn the Specialized Certificate of Achievement requires the successful completion of the Certificate of Achievement, plus the equilavent of two full-day workshops within a specialization track in Community/Economic Development, Human Resources, Governmental, or Nonprofits. For more information on CLA programs, see our 2017/2018 Program Brochure.