LocalGovNews Sponsorship Program

Policy Effective March 2013

LocalGovNews (LGN) is a daily e-newsletter that provides local government personnel and the organizations that support them with up-to-the minute news in an easy-to-read format.  Now published by Northern Illinois University’s Center for Government Studies, LGN welcomes and encourages sponsorships that help raise the profile of participating sponsors and provides revenue to help support the continued publication of LGN.  Following is information about cost, benefits, and the terms under which CGS is able to accept corporate sponsorships. 


Sponsorship Details

Cost: $500 per year

Sponsorship Benefits Include:

  • Link to company’s website embedded in the top section of the daily LocalGovNews emails with company logo embedded in the signature section (emails are sent out 6 days/week)
  • Link to company’s website accompanied by a company profile on the newly launched LocalGovNews website
  • Logo included on any LocalGovNews marketing materials
  • $100 discount on a standard annual membership subscription*                                  


  1. CGS does not endorse its corporate sponsors or their policies, products, or services. The acceptance of a donation by CGS does not imply that CGS will assist in advancing the corporation’s interests outside of the particulars of the arrangements made for the LGN publication and website.
  2. CGS will not endorse in its LGN publication any specific product or product name.
  3. CGS will display the names and logos of corporate sponsors (with permission from such entities) and provide a link to their general websites.
  4. All contributions provided to CGS for publishing or marketing LGN are unrestricted. While CGS may seek input from time to time from its corporate sponsors, CGS maintains final approval and copyright over all publications and material development.
  5. CGS reserves the right to review and approve all marketing materials prepared by the corporation bearing LGN’s name, logo, and/or other identifying information prior to publication and dissemination.
  6. CGS reserves the right to sever any corporate sponsorship with, and return contributions from, any entity that participates in activities that conflict with the mission or responsibilities of CGS.
  7. LGN will not sell or release its membership distribution list.


If you would like to become a corporate sponsor, please click here to fill out our corporate sponsorship sign up form. To obtain additional information, please contact Samantha Brunell, LGN Editor, at sbrunell1@niu.edu or at (815)753-0919.


*-Standard annual membership subscription is $600 for up to six (6) emails. Each additional email is $60/year.

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