A Worldwide Perspective on Local Possibilities

PASCAL Observatory is an international community of universities providing a forum for local possibilities.  Its focus on sustainability integrates all three imperatives of environment, society and economy based on bio-centric, systems thinking.  As such it encourages initiatives to strengthen effective socio-ecological relationships, social justice, and regenerative local initiatives and economies through widespread multi-stakeholder engagement.  It is based on three key assumptions:

  • The development of sustainable communities, honoring people and place, support dignity for all, and the means to thrive.
  • Educational initiatives and partnerships, both formal and informal, provide the means for resilient communities.
  • Indigenous knowledge is an integral part of the culture and history of a local community.

PASCAL uses the tools of collaboration to build partnerships between public and private agencies that span political boundaries and respect natural resources.   Lifelong learning provides the basis of understanding and appreciating the diversity that exists in our world.  Further, engagement with our universities utilizes the untapped energy that exists within these institutions.  In short, PASCAL is the organization of:  regional definition and collaboration, university engagement, and regional resiliency through learning. 

The Observatory currently consists of five nodes with partners in Europe (University of Glasgow), North America (Northern Illinois University), Australia (RMIT), South Africa (University of Johannesburg), and Central/South America (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education). Each node has a Director and Assistant Director.  Visit www.pascalobservatory.org for further details.



   14th PASCAL International Conference - Oct. 17-19, 2017 – Kruger National Park, South Africa

General enquiries: conference2017@pascalobservatory.org

Submissions: submissions2017@pascalobervatory.org

Website: http://conference2017.pascalobservatory.org


PASCAL Research Teams

PASCAL is supported by research teams of Associates throughout the world.  While research teams are international, each PASCAL node organizes a learning community with a particular focus as it relates to the creation of learning cities/regions.  Please visit their websites for further details.  These Centers include:

North America

Center for Governmental Studies-Northern Illinois University

Web: cgs.niu.edu

Director:  Patricia Inman (pinman@niu.edu)


Central/South America

Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education-Centre for Knowledge Society

Web: http://sitios.itesm.mx/eehcs/sc/

Director: Javier Carrillo Gamboa (fjcarrillo@itesm.mx)



Centre for Local Economic Development (CENLED)-University of Johannesburg

Web: www.cenled.co.za

Director: Marius Venter (mventer@uj.ac.za)



   Centre of Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning-University of Glasgow

Web: Centre of Research and Development in Adult and Lifelong Learning

Director: Michael Osborne (michael.osborne@glasgow.ac.uk)



RMIT University-EU Centre

Director: Bruce Wilson (bruce.wilson@rmit.edu.au)

PASCAL Newsletter

March, 2016 - Common Ground on Water



For additional information about PASCAL please contact:

Pat Inman
Senior Research Associate