Professional Development

CGS offers several on-going professional development series throughout the year.  CGS has designed curriculum to meet the needs of professionals in local government and policy looking to sharpen their skills through engaged learning from experienced practitioners.  Our current programs are below.

Civic Leadership Academy

The Civic Leadership Academy was created in by the Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) at Northern
Illinois University as a leadership skills development program for elected and appointed leaders and managers in government and not-for-prot agencies. Academy workshops expose participants to relevant theory and practice and emphasize experiential learning and peer-to-peer exchange. Sessions are led by recognized experts from Northern Illinois University and the surrounding region.

Academy workshops address topics central to effective governmental leadership in the 21st Century. Workshops are designed to give participants new skills for personal effectiveness and growth in their professional/governmental roles. Participants may take individual workshops of interest or complete the requirements to earn a Certificate of Achievement.

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Midwest Leadership Institute

The Midwest Leadership Institute was developed to equip participants with the leadership skills needed to drive for results in the increasingly complex world of local government.  The Institute is an intensive program that provides the fundamental requirements for leading people in a world with many personalities, competing personal interests, endless news cycles, social media, "gotcha" blogs, and few things that are black and white.

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Financial Forecast Forum

The Illinois Financial Forecast Forum is an annual conference hosted jointly by CGS and the Illinois City County Managers Association that provides a forum to discuss pertinent economic and financial issues affecting local governments in Illinois. The conference invites noteworthy speakers to discuss the economic conditions and the pressures each exerts on local government fiscal health.  Participants can gather information to incorporate in their community's strategic planning, financial forecasts, budget development, and economic development plans. Topics covered include general economic forecast, manufacturing update, retail industry forecast, commercial and residential housing forecast, municipal bond and financial forecast, and employment outlook.

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For additional information about professional development opportunities, please contact:

Dawn S. Peters
Assistant Director