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The Center for Governmental Studies (CGS) has been a partner with the Illinois State Data Center (SDC) since the program’s inception in the early 1980s. The SDC Program is one of the Census Bureau's longest and most successful partnerships. The partnership between the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the island areas, and the Census Bureau was created in 1978 to make data available locally to the public through a network of state agencies, universities, libraries, and regional and local governments.

The SDC lead organization is appointed by the governor of each state/commonwealth, Puerto Rico, island area (American Samoa, Guam, The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Virgin Islands) or the mayor of the District of Columbia. There are also additional agencies, universities and non-profits participating in the network.  The entire list of partners can be found here:

Since their creation, the State Data Center and Business Industry networks have provided access and education on Census Bureau data and products as well as other statistical resources to millions of data users.

CGS Assistance

As the data available from the Census Bureau and other federal and state agencies has expanded in size, type, and complexity, users of this information need deeper skills, access to expert assistance, or both.  As a State Data Center partner, CGS is a local resource to contact with questions about accessing and interpreting this data.  In addition to Census data, CGS can help users with data provided by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, Illinois State Board Education, Illinois Board of Higher Education, and the Illinois Department of Public Health. CGS services include:

  • Assisting with collection of building permit data throughout Illinois
  • Partnering with local governments in maintaining proper boundary files at the Census Bureau
  • Providing press releases about data trends throughout Illinois
  • Providing quick tutorials on how to access the data online
  • Answering questions posed about the data
  • Marketing available datasets through various networks
  • Providing a statewide data portal (under development)

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Contact Sherrie Taylor, CGS liaison to the Census & Interim Lead of the State Data Center in Illinois, at or (815) 753-0925 with questions or information requests.