Hareendra Teja Donapati

Research Specialist
Phone: (815) 753-2183
Email: hdonapati1@niu.edu

Hareendra Teja Donapati, IT Technical Research Specialist, joined CGS full-time in 2019 after starting as a Graduate Assistant in May, 2018.  He specializes in website design and development. He earned a Bachelor of Technology (Mechanical Engineering), and will earn a Master of Science ( MIS) – in December, 2019. He has the following certifications: EMC Academic Associate, Data Science and Big Data Analytics. Hareendra worked as a systems engineer for two years at Tata Consultancy Services, in India.

Hareendra wants people to know CGS helps local communities to track community metrics based on several performance indicators; and also aids local communities to efficiently allocate resources according to future requirements.