Sherrie Taylor


Senior Research Specialist
Phone: (815) 753-0925

Sherrie J. Taylor, CGS Senior Research Specialist, joined CGS full-time in April 2001, after working as a Graduate Assistant for two years. She works with the public and a wide range of institutions in supplying data knowledge based primarily on the public data provided by state and federal agencies. The data is published by each agency making it difficult to remember where this information is located, how to interpret it, and how to pull it together with other data in order to see the big picture of what is taking place in demographic, economic, and social trends.

She also writes reports for various colleges and provides public service data analysis. As the project manager of the NIU role in the State Data Center Network, Sherrie works with other agencies throughout the nation in helping others understand and utilize available data sets.

Sherrie would like people to know that CGS is flexible to adapt to what is needed rather than promoting off the shelf solutions. "Customized solutions that are application-ready is our legacy," she said.

Sherrie earned a Master’s in Public Administration from NIU; a Bachelor’s in Political Science with minor in Statistics from NIU; a GIS Analyst Certificate from NIU; and an Associate’s in Arts degree from Rock Valley College.