Melissa Burlingame


Research Associate
Phone: (815) 753.4255

Melissa Burlingame has been with CGS since February 2016. Prior to joining the Survey Research Team with CGS, she spent six years with the NIU Institute for the Study of the Environment, Sustainability and Energy as the Outreach and Communications Specialist. She has a Master of Science (Urban Geography, Biogeography) and Master of Public Administration (Urban Management and Development).

At CGS, Melissa is responsible for managing professional surveys from idea generation through data and report delivery. According to Melissa, two important facts to know about CGS are:  CGS helps governmental bodies to run better; and survey research allows decision-makers to make informed choices that best serve constituents.

To stay involved with her strong environmental interests, Melissa serves as the Chair for the NIU Green Team, co-manages the NIU Communiversity Gardens, and manages the NIU Sustainability website.