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David Morrison

David E. Morrison, M.D.

Morrison is a psychiatrist who has worked with city managers for 40 years.  He began at the Menninger Foundation where he designed the seminar, Toward Understanding Human Motivation and Behavior for City Managers.  That seminar is still delivered by Menninger’s . 

In 1978, Morrison started a group of city managers in Chicago’s north shore cities that met monthly to discuss the challenges of the work.  Much of the discussions were about city councils’ and citizens’ interesting and often infuriating behavior.  That group has continued to this day, with new managers joining as old members retired or moved out of the area.  Two ICMA Presidents and three ICMA Board Members have been members of that group.

Through the decade of the ‘80’s, Morrison consulted to the City of Phoenix. In the ‘90’s, he consulted to the City Manager of Highland Park on a very aggressive corporate campaign by a rebellious part of the police union.  To everyone’s delight, except the rebellious officers, that was completed, with things back to normal and a stronger police department.

In the last several years, Morrison Associates developed a six-day leadership academy for department heads and city managers to address the challenges of local government leadership in the 21st century. 

Daven MorrisonDaven Morrison, M.D.

Supporting executive leadership development requires an advisor to understand the human side of management. Leaders retain Daven and his team to deal with the tougher obstacles that get in the way of execution.  Affects or emotions are an inevitable obstacle for managers at work. The task and deadlines have no mercy on people and managers stand in the cross-hairs. Affects are our “hard-wired” emotions and as such they underlie all human motivation.

Working on Morrison Associates' projects since 1980, Daven began as a full-time consultant in 1996. As Director of Medical Services and Director of Individual Consultations, his primary roles include leading individual consultations for executives, facilitating seminars, and developing new services.  His current suite of education programs are integrated into a 12-week, 30-hour Leadership Academy in which judgment, teams, power, feedback, and self-awareness are tied to leadership.  His courses have been adapted for internal training and education programs at these corporations: Invesco, Food Lion, Hospira, Kraft and Motorola.

Dr. Morrison serves on the Board of the Tomkins’ Institute of Applied Studies of Emotion, Cognition, and Motivation. He is also a past President of the Academy of Organizational and Occupational Psychiatry, and a member of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry where he is on the Committee for Work and Organizations.

Daven Morrison, M.D., is a board certified psychiatrist, and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Chicago Medical School.  (View Daven's Curriculum Vitae) 

David Limardi

David M. Limardi, Midwest Regional Director, ICMA, MPA, ICMA-CM

Mr. Limardi graduated from Marquette University in 1975 and received a Masters degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas in 1978.   

He began his career in 1977 as an intern for the Village of Wilmette, Illinois, remaining in Wilmette five years, rising to the position of Assistant Village Manager.   In 1982, at the age of 29, he became the Village Manager for the Village of Lincolnshire, Illinois.  Ten years later in 1993, he was appointed to the position of City Manager for the City of Highland Park, Illinois and served in that position for 19 years. He recently left Highland Park and is now the Midwest Regional Director for the International City/County Management Association. He received numerous awards during his 34+-year career in professional local government management.

Mr. Limardi served as the President of the International City/County Management Association 2008-2009.  In November 2009, Mr. Limardi was inducted as a Fellow of the National Academy of Public Administration.

Mr. Limardi is a successful speaker and author. He is as an Adjunct Professor for the Northwestern University School of Continuing Education in the Masters of Public Policy and Administration Program.  He also taught “The Ethics of the Public Administrator” for Northern Illinois University.

Robert Keily

Robert R. Kiely, Jr., City Manager, Lake Forest, MPA, ICMA-CM

A 1979 graduate of Lake Forest College, Bob received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from the University of Kansas in 1981.  His first job as a local government professional was with The City of Lake Forest from 1980 to 1982 when he served as Assistant to the City Manager.  His professional development continued in his role as Assistant to the Village Manager with the Village of Wilmette, Illinois, where he served for four years.  In 1986, he assumed his first Manager’s position when he became City Administrator for the City of Prospect Heights, Illinois, which he held until 1990.

Bob returned to Lake Forest in 1990 when the City Council appointed him City Manager.  During the past 23 years as the City’s key administrator, Bob has worked with twelve Mayors and City Councils to ensure the delivery of high-quality services while maintaining the long-term financial stability of the City.  He has a strong commitment to ongoing professional development for his staff and himself. 

Mr. Kiely was appointed as Chairman of the Illinois Municipal League Legislative Committee and nominated by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) to be the Midwest Vice President Nominee for 2011-2013.  He also serves as Treasurer of the Northwest Municipal Conference.

He lives in Lake Forest with his wife, Alison, and has three grown children.


Getting wins, big and small, in the public sector requires a deep understanding of interpersonal leadership. The Chinese proverb and curse, "May you live in interesting times", has never been more true. We have entered what Nicolo Machiavelli called "A New Order of Things" which requires leaders to know:

How to manage others by:

  • Strengthening one’s ability to manage uncivil discourse
  • Resolving conflict
  • Building a working alliance
  • Leading with character and be a source of inspiration
  • Mastering the judgment triangle
  • Understanding power and influence

How to manage yourself by:

  • Understanding emotions and build exceptional emotional and psychological stability
  • Developing brain speed and flexibility of mind, the ability to think faster and more efficiently and thus act more decisively at the proper time
  • Self reflecting
  • Managing challenges to balancing work, family, and self

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Logistics and Cost

Each program is limited to 50 participants to ensure time for one-on-one individualized coaching as well as small group and all-participant events. Tuition  includes course materials, continental breakfast, two breaks, lunch every day, and dinner Thursday evening.  Friday sessions end at noon. 

$2000 per person for first 2 ICMA members - same organization
$2200 per person for first 2 non-ICMA members - same organization
Contact Dawn Peters at dpeters@niu.edu or 815-753-0923 for special group rates!

The Academy is held at
Northern Illinois University
Naperville campus
1120 East Diehl Road

March 19-23, 2018 

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Contact Dawn Peters at dpeters@niu.edu with questions.