Informatics team members design, build, manage, and mine databases of all sizes to support public organizations in their problem-solving and decision-making. Customized program management tools are easy to use and visually dynamic. Services include:

  • Dynamic Web Applications
  • Ad Hoc Reporting
  • Data Preparation
  • Data Warehousing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)
  • Data Modeling, Mining, and Analysis
  • Data Integration (Cross-matching, Modification, Calculation, and Manipulation)
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Geographic Information Systems

The team serves as a technical consultant for various state departments and agencies to provide professional data and analytical support, and build advanced dynamic applications. Using SAS (Statistical Analysis System) as a primary tool, the Informatics team executes routines on data integration, cross match, modification, calculation and analysis, online analytical process, and ad-hoc reporting.  Other examples of database related techniques and applications include using SAS ODBC or SAS/ACCESS to access different industry standard databases such as Teradata, DB2 or SQL servers, using SQL to perform network analysis, and using SAS, HTML, Javascript, VBscript, C#, VB.NET, CSS and other web authoring tools and programming languages to design/develop dynamic web applications.


For additional information about informatics, please contact:

Desheng “Ben” Xu
Assistant Director