Strategic Planning

Strategic planning assistance to communities and not‐for‐profit agencies is a core service supported by CGS's research capabilities. Experts in public management, public policy, urban affairs, economics, health care, community development, economic development and other disciplines bring decades of hands‐on experience for client use.  Strategic Planning initiatives are designed to fit the organization seeking assistance and are molded to fit the number or participants, stakeholders, time horizons and budget.

The gap between where an organization is and where it wants to be constitutes the strategic issues that the organization needs to address.  During the strategic planning process, organizational members and key stakeholders seek to answer these questions through a deliberative conversation. 

Through the strategic planning process, the organization can:

  • Clarify the organizational mission, goals, and values.
  • Articulate a vision for where the organization wants to be.
  • Identify the challenges facing the organization.
  • Develop action steps to meet mandates and achieve the organizational vision.
  • Implement strategies to adapt to environmental change.

Previous Clients:

McHenry County Government

The City of DeKalb

The Village of Lemont

Recent Example:

McHenry County Government



For additional information about strategic planning, please contact:

Greg Kuhn, PhD
Assistant Director