Jian “Jeff” Liu

Title: Senior Research Specialist
Office Phone: 815-753-2673
Email: jliu6@niu.edu

Jeff Liu, M.S., focuses on designing and engineering scalable web applications in an agile environment. He has extensive experience with programming languages such as Go, C#, Java, JavaScript and SAS, and with relational databases such as PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Teradata and NoSQL. He has contributed to multiple state government agency projects as both tech lead and key developer and as architect of highly customized web application stacks serving single-page or SAS-based UI with ASP.NET and SAS back-end APIs to best leverage the team’s expertise. Additionally, he led research on the transition from monolith to hybrid microservices software solutions and helped to form a structured process with reproducible testing, development, and deployment procedures. Jeff earned an M.S. in management information systems from Northern Illinois University.

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