Center for Governmental Studies Directory


Name Position Email Phone
Gregory T. Kuhn Director 815-753-2789
Mary Strub Director of Administration, Outreach 815-753-0974
Melissa "Mel" Henriksen Assistant Director of Strategic Management, Policy, and Community Development 815-753-0323
Dawn S. Peters Assistant Director, Team Leader: Association Management 815-753-0923
Brian Richard Assistant Director, Team Leader: Workforce Development and Economic Analysis 312-612-0360
Mindy Schneiderman Assistant Director, Team Leader: Survey Research and Data Visualization 815-753-0039
Desheng "Ben" Xu

Assistant Director, Team Leader: Data Informatics 815-753-4790


Name Position Email Phone
Craig G. Anderson Public Management and Local Government Specialist N/A
Jeanna Ballard Senior Research Specialist N/A
Andy Blanke Research Specialist 815-753-1569
Janiece Bollie Research Analyst/CLA Coordinator N/A
Yolanda Clark Senior Research Specialist N/A
Candace Dickerson Research Specialist 815-753-1907
Miriam "Mim" Evans Senior Research Specialist N/A
Paula Freeze Research Specialist 815-753-2077
Alexandra "Alex" Galindo Research Specialist 815-753-1906
Julie Gommel Bailey Research Specialist 815-753-6538
Alli Hoebing Research Specialist N/A
William Holderfield Research Specialist 815-753-7502
Ivy Hood Research Specialist 815-713-8896
Jie Huang Research Specialist N/A
Anastasia Kocher Research Specialist 815-501-0167
Marco Lenis Consultant, Latino Business and Community Development 815-753-1387
Jian "Jeff" Liu Senior Research Specialist 815-753-2673
Jim Norris Senior Public Management and Local Government Specialist 815-753-0183
Terah Scott Grant Manager, Office of Employment and Training
Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity 312-814-6696
Yaxiong "Eric" Shao Research Specialist N/A
Liang Tang Senior Research Specialist N/A
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