Data Informatics

Customized tools you can trust.

Data is essential to understanding and making decisions in your community. But with so much data available and so many privacy and security requirements, it can seem like a burden instead of a blessing. Let us help by managing your data securely and efficiently.

Our informatics team members design, build, manage and mine databases of all sizes to support public organizations in problem-solving and decision-making. We’ll build the customized and dynamic applications you need to easily access, analyze and understand your data.


We provide:

  • Dynamic web applications.
  • Ad hoc reporting.
  • Data preparation.
  • Data warehousing ETL (extract, transform, load).
  • Data modeling, mining and analysis.
  • Data integration (cross-matching, modification, calculation and manipulation).
  • Online analytical processing.
  • Geographic information system linkages.

The team serves as a technical consultant for various state departments and agencies to provide professional data and analytical support and build advanced dynamic applications. We’re experienced with SAS (Statistical Analysis System) and other database-related techniques and applications, including using SAS ODBC or SAS/ACCESS to access different industry standard databases such as Teradata, DB2 or SQL servers; using SQL to perform network analysis; and using SAS, HTML, Javascript, VBscript, C#, VB.NET, CSS and other web authoring tools and programming languages to design and develop dynamic web applications.


We work with:

  • Cities, counties and other local governments.
  • State and federal agencies.
  • Nonprofit organizations. 


We manage your data securely and efficiently with minimal time commitment from your staff. You can count on us to understand and apply both the latest technologies and applicable data privacy laws. Let us provide the data management expertise so you can focus on serving your community.


Desheng "Ben" Xu
Assistant Director
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